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Business is a ride! We know, we get it. While it can be invigorating and exciting when all’s going well and you’re enjoying what you’ve created; at times it can be challenging, lonely and scary. Particularly, when things aren’t going well.


We created Business 180 to empower business owners with knowledge, skills and strategies to run their businesses better and have the confidence to make better business decisions. We believe the best business investment you’ll make, is in yourself. And we know that when you do the work, you get the results. Business 180 is easy and affordable online training you can complete at your own pace, at your own place. It’s designed to give you the know-how and the can-do to turn your business around.

So what is Business 180?

Our easy online training modules are designed to step you through the different aspects of understanding and maximising your business operations. From essential accounting and tax knowledge in How to Business, managing resources and measuring performance in People, Productivity and Profit, through to a lifeline for struggling businesses with, Is Your Business in Trouble?

The straight shooter helping you make better business decisions


Award winning bookkeeper, accountant and business coach Haylee Wrenn is the brains and heart behind Business 180. Throughout her decades in accounting and at Inland Revenue, Haylee has seen too many business owners spiral out of control with the stress of running their business. Knowing that the right knowledge, understanding and strategies could help turn their stress around, Haylee designed Business 180 to empower small business owners to learn everything they need to know about being in business. It’s smart, no-nonsense and delivered with heart. Much like Haylee herself.

“I created Business 180 to provide a safe space for business owners to learn without judgement and fear. Nobody teaches you how to go into business and do it well. I’m here with essential, practical information to help you really look after yourself in business.”

Xero Awards 2021 NZ Bookkeeping Partner of the Year
New Zealand Bookkeeper of the Year 2020
ICNZB Bookkeeping trainer of the year 2019
Owner Accountabill Limited Hawke’s Bay

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We help businesses achieve a full 180 on their business cash and profitability

If you’re experiencing lack of cashflow in your business, lying awake at night worrying about how you will pay your employees or just not having enough money for your kids to do the sports they love then Business 180 may be the thing that will help you move the needle. If you’d like to know more before signing up, get in touch for a chat

Get the know-how to turn your business around

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