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Are you in financial trouble?

In this course, you will learn what obligations you have as a Director of a company and what the process will be if you become insolvent.  You will analyse your current position and create the right mindset for you to drive your business to a complete U Turn.
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What you are going to learn

This is why you should take this course

Do you often feel that everybody else is doing better in business compared to you? 
Do you lie in bed at not worrying about cashflow? 
Or maybe are your family complaining that you are never available for them because you are always focusing on work?  
You are definitely not alone facing these issues. After attending this course you will:

  • Be able to accurately identify your current position so that a plan can be made on what to do next.
  • Have a clearer focus on the mind set you need to manage in business.
  • Know what your duties are as a Director of a Company
  • Know if your business is still viable and what are your options if you are insolvent.
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